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Our guests are received in an area surrounded by gardens where they can relax while enjoying our gourmet coffee. To understand the process of growing coffee, what better way than to visit our nurseries, where the experience begins, guided by experts, with an approach to the seed that gives rise to the entire process, followed by a tour of its different stages of growth. until it becomes a plant ready to be transplanted to the coffee plantation. Likewise, you will clearly know how the coffee bean processing process is carried out until obtaining the seed that will finally be roasted. This part of the visit reaffirms our passion for coffee and the careful process involved in each of the stages, to achieve this gourmet quality drink.

Two visitors will be invited to come forward and share this experience with the experts more closely, while the public will be able to take note of all the recommendations we offer to prepare an excellent cup of coffee and distinguish its quality, taking care of all the factors involved in making it. this delicate and exquisite drink. Learn why the temperature of the water, the grind and the way to store the coffee are so important elements in the preparation of a superior quality drink. In a very different, complete and entertaining way, discover the history of coffee in Costa Rica, and its role in the economic development of the country. Let yourself be transported to the different areas of the country that produce the best coffee in Costa Rica.

Accompany the experts to our factory store where we have prepared a tasting session for you, to guide you to recognize the different characteristics of coffee on your palate and find the type of coffee that best suits your tastes. You will learn with us all the secrets that are hidden behind a cup of coffee in a very entertaining and different way, we are sure that you will live an experience that you will want to share with friends and family.

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